Crank Shaft Alignment Gauge L.c. 0.01mm

Crank Shaft Alignment Gauge L.c. 0.01mm

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Series - CSAG
  • The small dial indicator with pointed measuring contact built in such a manner as to accommodate interchangeable length and the measuring range can be increased by using extension
  • Spring tension in the dial gauge ensures perfect feel between contact points and crankshaft cheek and also for self contained holding of the instrument in position
  • A weight threaded in to the base ensures that the dial remains in horizontal position at all times
Application - To be used for rapid and accurate checking of distances between crankshaft webs thus ensuring proper alignment and friction-free rotation of the crankshafts.
ModelLeast Count (mm)Dial Indicator Range
Gross Weight
CSAG - 10.01265 - 4001.25
CSAG - 20.01265 - 6001.5